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Each achievement has conditions that must be met before they are earned. Some are very simple, and some are significantly trickier. You may have to Big Crunch or start a challenge before attempting some of the harder ones.

You will receive a x1.5 multiplier to all dimensions for each completed row. In addition, some achievements have their own rewards.

List of Achievements Edit

Name Tooltip Actual Requirement (if different) Reward (if different) Extra
You gotta start somewhere Buy a single First Dimension
100 Antimatter is a lot Buy a single Second Dimension Have >0 d2s.
Half life 3 confirmed Buy a single Third Dimension Have >0 d3s.
L4D: Left 4 Dimensions Buy a single Fourth Dimension Have >0 d4s.
5 Dimension Antimatter Punch Buy a single Fifth Dimension Have >0 d5s.
We couldn't afford 9 Buy a single Sixth Dimension Have >0 d6s.
Not a luck related achievement Buy a single Seventh Dimension Have >0 d7s.
90 degrees to infinity Buy a single Eighth Dimension Have >0 d8s.
To Infinity! Reach Infinite antimatter. Reward: Start with 100 antimatter. Press the Big Crunch button. Starting with 100 antimatter isn't internally linked to this achievement. (It's paired with having completed challenge 1)
Fake News Encounter 50 different news messages
The 9th Dimension is a lie Have exactly 99 Eighth Dimensions. Reward: Eighth Dimensions are 10% stronger.
Antimatter Apocalypse Get over 1e80[1] antimatter Current antimatter >= 1e80
Boosting to the max Buy 10 Dimension Boosts 10 soft reset stat The one for 110 8ths.
You got past The Big Wall Buy an Antimatter Galaxy
Double Galaxy Buy 2 Antimatter Galaxies In the same Infinity
There's no point in doing that Buy a single First Dimension when you have over 1e150[1] of them. Reward: First Dimensions are 10% stronger Must buy singles, not until 10
I forgot to nerf that Get any Dimension multiplier over 1e30[1]. Reward: First Dimensions are 5% stronger d1 mult >= 1e30
The Gods are pleased Get over 600x from Dimension Sacrifice in total. Reward: Sacrifice is slightly stronger 600x in current "reset" Increases sacrifice power +0.2 This is gotten easily in challenge 8.
That's a lot of infinites Reach Infinity 10 times Reach 10 infinitied stat
You didn't need it anyway Reach Infinite antimatter without having any 8th Dimensions. Reward: Dimensions 1-7 are 2% stronger Crunch with 0 d8s You can galaxy and dimboost, just don't have any soft resets when you reach infinity.
Don't you dare to sleep Be offline for over 6 hours in a row Have the time between two ticks be 6 hours or more (includes the kong purchase)
Claustrophobic Go Infinite with just 1 Antimatter Galaxy. Reward: Reduces starting tick interval by 2% Exactly 1.
That's fast! Go infinite in under 2 hours. Reward: Start with 1000 antimatter. Crunch with <2h this inf
I don't believe in Gods Buy a Galaxy without Sacrificing 0 sacrificed on galaxy You can dimboost, as long as you dont sacrifice on the run you get the galaxy.
Spreading Cancer Buy ten Galaxies in total while using cancer notation. You can switch to Cancer notation immediately before galaxying then switch back.
Supersanic Have antimatter/sec exceed your current antimatter above 1e63[1] (unspent antimatter) >= 1e63
Zero Deaths Get to Infinity without Dimension shifts, boosts or galaxies in a challenge. Reward: Dimensions 1-4 are 25% stronger Crunch with 0 soft resets and 0 galaxies. You do not need to be in a challenge. Can be gotten in challenge 3 over 20h, or after ID1
Over in 30 seconds Have antimatter/sec exceed your current antimatter for 30 consecutive seconds May take longer with lag
Faster than a potato Get more than 1e29[1] ticks per second. Reward: Reduces starting tick interval by 2% Can be gotten in challenge 10 with difficulty, or after break
Multidimensional Reach 1e12[1] of all dimensions except 8th d7s >= 1e12
Daredevil Complete 2 challenges Challenge 1 counts as a challenge.
AntiChallenged Complete all the challenges. Reward: All dimensions are 10% stronger. Complete 12 challenges
Limit Break Break Infinity
Age of Automation Max any 9 autobuyers. Get 9 autobuyers to 100ms interval This costs 4024 IP in total.
Definitely not worth it Max all the autobuyers. Get 12 autobuyers to 100ms interval This costs 137140 IP in total.
That's faster! Infinity in 10 minutes or less. Reward: Start with 20000 antimatter
Forever isn't that long Infinity in 1 minute or less. Reward: Start with 1e10 antimatter
Many Deaths Complete the Second Dimension Autobuyer challenge in 3 minutes or less. Reward: All dimensions are stronger in first 3 minutes of infinity When time in infinity < 3m, all dim mult x(360/((time this infinity in seconds)+180)
Gift from the Gods Complete the Eighth Dimension Autobuyer challenge in 3 minutes or less. Reward: Dimensional sacrifices are a lot stronger Increases sacrifice power +0.3
Is this hell? Complete the Tickspeed Autobuyer challenge in 3 minutes or less. Reward: Boost per 10 dimensions +1%
Bulked up Get all of your dimension bulk buyers to 512 or higher.
Oh hey, you're still here Reach 1e8 IP per minute. Have 1e8 IP/min at the time of crunching
A new beginning. Begin generation of infinity power. inf pow > 1 This requires unlocking ID1 (1e1100 antimatter) and purchasing it with 1e8 IP.
1 million is a lot Reach 1e6 infinity power.
Not-so-challenging Get the sum of all of your challenge times under 3 minutes. Reward: All dimensions are stronger in first 3 minutes of infinity, but only in challenges. When time in infinity < 3m and in a challenge, all dim mult x(240/((time this infinity in seconds)+60)
Faster than a squared potato Reach 1e58 ticks per second. Reward: -2% tickspeed
Infinitely Challenging Complete an infinity challenge. Complete 13 challenges
You did this again just for the achievement right? Complete the Third Dimension Autobuyer challenge in 10 seconds or less. Reward: First dimensions are 50% stronger.
ERROR 909: Dimension not found Get to infinity with only a single first Dimension without Dimension Boosts, Shifts or Galaxies while in Automatic Galaxies Challenge. Reward: First Dimensions are 3 times stronger Crunch in c11 with 1 d1, 0 soft resets, 0 galaxies
Can't hold all these infinities Get all Dimension multipliers over 1e308. Reward: All dimensions 10% stronger
This achievement doesn't exist Get 9.9999e9999 antimatter. Reward: Dimensions are more powerful the more unspent antimatter you have. Unspent antimatter >= 9.9999e9999 All dimension mults x(unspent antimatter)^0.00002+1
End me Get the sum of all best challenge times under 5 seconds. Reward: All dimensions 40% stronger, but only in challenges
NEW DIMENSIONS??? Unlock the 4th Infinity Dimension
One for each dimension Play for 8 days. Reward: Extremely small time multiplier. Total time played >= 8d Normal dims x(time played/8d)^0.05 mult
How the antitables have turned Get 8th Dimension multiplier to be highest, 7th Dimension multiplier second highest etc. Reward: Each dimension gains a boost proportional to tier (8th dimension gets 8%, 7th gets 7%, etc.) There are multiple stages of the game you can get this and some where it becomes impossible.

It can be gotten early by minimizing IP, then buying only enough of each dimension to exceed the previous, then sacrificing.

Later, the boost from the ID8 reward combined with post-eternity multipliers will make the non-first dimension multipliers high enough to not need to worry.

Blink of an eye Get to Infinity in under 200 milliseconds. Reward: Start with 1e25 antimatter and all dimensions are stronger in first 300ms of infinity Crunch with time this inf <=200ms Start with 1e25 AM and all dim mults x3300/((time this inf in ms)+30) when time in infinity <300ms
Hevipelle did nothing wrong Beat Infinity Challenge 5 in 10 seconds or less.
Anti-antichallenged Complete 8 Infinity Challenges. Complete 20 challenges
YOU CAN GET 50 GALAXIES!?? Get 50 galaxies. Reward: Tickspeed is 5% lower per galaxy.
I got a few to spare Reach 1e35000 antimatter. Reward: Dimensions are more powerful the more unspent antimatter you have. Improves "This achievement doesn't exist" mult to (unspent antimatter)^0.00004+1
All your IP are belong to us Big Crunch for 1e150[1] IP. Reward: Additional 4x multiplier to IP
Do you even bend time bro? Reach -99.9% tickspeed per upgrade. Reward: Galaxies are 1% more powerful.
2 Million Infinities Infinity 2000000 times. Reward: Infinities more than 5 seconds long give 250 infinitied stat. Infinitied stat >= 2e6 If not obtained pre-eternity, can be obtained significantly faster with study 32.
Yet another infinity reference Get x1.80e308[1] multiplier in a single sacrifice. Reward: Sacrifices are stronger. Sacrifice power 0.01 > 0.011
Ludicrous Speed Big Crunch for 1e200[1] IP in 2 seconds or less. Reward: All dimensions are significantly stronger in first 5 seconds of infinity. (1e200 IP or more) When time this inf <5s, all dim mults x(301-(inf time (s))*60) This is very easy after about e420 IP, but is possible pre-eternity too.
I brake for nobody Big Crunch for 1e250[1] IP in 20 seconds or less. Reward: All dimensions are significantly stronger in first 60 seconds of infinity. (1e250 IP or more) When time this inf <60s, all dim mults x(101-(inf time (s))/0.6)
MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE Reach 1e300[1] IP/min. Reward: Additional 4x multiplier to IP. Have 1e300 IP/min at the time of crunching
Minute of infinity Reach 1e260[1] infinity power. Reward: Double infinity power gain. x2 ID1 pow
Is this safe? Gain Infinite replicanti in 30 minutes. Reward: Infinity doesn't reset your replicanti amount Reach infinity replicanti in 30 minutes from start of infinity (You still lose repl galaxies) This is achieved at 1e280 IP.
Time is relative Go Eternal.
Yes. This is hell. Get the sum of Infinity Challenge times under 6.66 seconds.
0 degrees from infinity Unlock the 8th Infinity Dimension
Costco sells dimboosts now Bulk 750 soft resets at once. Reward: Soft resets are 1% more powerful (to normal dims).
This mile took an Eternity Get all eternity milestones. Reward: Gain a small bonus to time dimensions based on amount eternitied. Eternities >= 100 Doesn't actually give a reward
This achievement doesn't exist II Reach 9.99999e999 IP. Reward: Gain more IP based on amount of antimatter you had when crunching. Antimatter root in IP gain formula 308 -> 307.8 This increases the exponent in antimatter by approximately 0.07%.
That wasn't an eternity Eternity in under 30 seconds. Reward: Start eternities with 2e25[1] IP.
Infinite time Get 308 tickspeed upgrades (in one eternity) from time dimensions. Reward: Time dimensions are affected slightly more by tickspeed. All time dim pows /(tickspeed/1000)^0.000005
The swarm Get 10 replicanti galaxies in 15 seconds. Reach 10 replicanti galaxies in 15 seconds from start of infinity
Do you really need a guide for this? Eternity with the infinitied stat under 10. Respec out of study 32, and infinity in under 5 seconds (unless you don't have 2 Million Infinities)
We could afford 9 Eternity with exactly 9 replicanti.
Yo dawg, I heard you liked infinities... Have all your past 10 infinities be at least 1.79e308[1] times higher than the previous one. Reward: Your antimatter doesn't reset on dimboost/galaxy
Never again Max out your third Eternity upgrade. Reward: The limit is a bit higher. Sum of inf challenge times <0.75s Lowers the cap to 0.61s.
Long lasting relationship Have your Infinity power per second be over your infinity power for 60 consecutive seconds. May take longer with lag
You're a mistake Fail an Eternity challenge. Reward: A fading sense of accomplishment No actual reward. (Except a fading sense of accomplishment) EC4 and EC12 can be failed
I wish I had gotten 7 eternities Start an Infinity challenge inside an Eternity challenge.
Do I really need to infinity Eternity with only 1 infinity. Reward: Multiplier to IP based on infinities 2log10(infinities+1) See Do you really need a guide for this?
8 nobody got time for that Eternity without buying dimensions 1-7
IT'S OVER 9000 Get a total sacrifice multiplier of 1e9000[1]. Total sacrifice mult >= 1e9000
Can you get infinite IP? Reach 1e30008[1] IP.
You're already dead. Eternity without buying dimensions 2-8.
5 more eternities until the update Complete every eternity challenge 5 times.
Eternities are the new infinity Eternity in under 200ms.
Like feasting on a behind Get 1e100[1] IP without any infinities, dimensions, or resets (not including upgrades) 1e100 IP with 0 first dimensions, 0 infinities (excluding bank), <=4 soft resets, <=1 galaxy, 0 replicanti galaxies The 200 TT 1% of IP to be gained on crunch upgrade will generate the IP you need - just disable autobuyers.
Popular music Have 180 times more replicanti galaxies than normal galaxies. You must have at least 1 normal galaxy. Use active path. You can get all the RGs like a normal run, then crunch and hold R to build them up.
But I wanted another prestige layer... Reach 1e308[1] EP Actually requires 1.79e308
What do I have to do to get rid of you Gain 1e22000[1] IP without any time studies.
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 This changes based on your notation.