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An Autobuyer, obtained by completing Challenges (and a few other ways later down the line), is an item that allows automatically buying or activating something.

Standard Autobuyers Edit

The 12 autobuyers obtained from normal challenges have a starting delay, which is fairly high.

If an autobuyer cannot afford what it is trying to buy, it will not reset its timer and will attempt to buy every purchase.

The delay can be upgraded for IP (-40%, cost x2 each buy[1], min 100ms).

Data Edit

Autobuyer Starting delay (s) Cost to reach 100ms First Bulk Cost
First Dimension 3 127 64
Second Dimension 4 191 64
Third Dimension 5 255 128
Fourth Dimension 6 383 128
Fifth Dimension 8 511 256
Sixth Dimension 10 767 256
Seventh Dimension 12 1023 512
Eighth Dimension 15 1023 512
Tickspeed 10 767 -
Dimension Boost 16 1023 -
Galaxy 300 65535 -
Big Crunch 300 65535 -

An autobuyer's time rounds up to the nearest 100ms - 101ms and 200ms are the same.

The autobuyers that are not on this table have a default of 100ms and so cannot be upgraded.

The upgrade that doubles all autobuyer speeds does not visually lower the numbers but it is reduced.

  1. If the upgrade makes the result end up at 120ms or lower, the price will not increase.

Bulk Buy Edit

The dimension autobuyers have the ability to bulk buy, once you get their delay to the minimum. Each bulk buy upgrade costs 2.4x the last (rounded up after an individual purchase) and doubles the amount bulk bought in a single tick. Bulk can be disabled for all dimensions. Bulk purchase will not occur in "buy singles" mode.

Settings Edit

Dimension Edit

Dimensions have the ability to set between buy singles or buy until 10. Bulk buying is disabled in buy singles mode.

Tickspeed Edit

You can set between buy singles or buy max.

Priority Edit

The 8 dimension autobuyers, and the tickspeed autobuyer, have a settable priority to them. In the event you can afford both items, the one with higher priority activates first. In the event of equal priority, they will buy in random order.

The eternity, crunch, galaxy, soft reset, and sacrifice have higher priority than the settable ones (in that order).

Dimension Boost Edit

Max 8ths used on reset: Dimension Boost Autobuyer will stop autobuying upon having the next dimboost cost this much or more.

Galaxies required to always Dimboost: If you have at least this many galaxies, the above setting is ignored.

Bulk DimBoost amount (unlocked later): Will not dimboost until it can afford this many dimboosts, then will buy them all at once. (There is no manual equivalent to this option.)

Max dimboost interval (unlocked later): Will dimboost (if possible) with the maximum possible with your 8s count every [] seconds.

Galaxy Edit

Max Galaxies: Will stop working upon reaching or exceeding this amount of galaxies.

Buy max galaxies every X seconds (0 to always buy) (unlocked later): Will galaxy (if possible) with the maximum possible with your 8s count every [] seconds.

Big Crunch Edit

Auto crunch mode (unlocked later): While not actually on the big crunch button, allows switching which of the three below options are active. amount is the default.

Amount of IP to wait until reset (amount): Will not crunch until you can crunch for this amount of IP.

Seconds between crunches (time): Will not crunch until this amount time has passed in the current infinity.

X times since last crunch (X times since last crunch): Will not crunch until you can crunch for (this amount * last run's IP) IP.

Sacrifice Edit

Sacrifice when the multiplier is over: Will not sacrifice until you can sacrifice for at least (this amount)x.

Eternity Edit

Amount of EP to wait until reset: Will not eternity until you can eternity for this amount of EP.