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You are only able to do this after fully upgrading your Big Crunch Autobuyer, which costs a total of 65535 IP (Infinity Points).

What can I do now? Edit

The amount of antimatter you have can now go past Infinity and Big Crunching with more antimatter can give you more than one Infinity Point at a time. The number of Infinity Points per crunch (before all 2x IP upgrades) is given by

10 ^ (log10(antimatter)/308 - 0.75)

This means crunching at Infinity like you had been in the past will now give

~1.78166889735 IP instead of 1 IP. Furthermore, each additional factor of 1e308 will increase your gained IP by 10 times. Note that the 308 in the formula can be improved to 307.8 (by an achievement) or even to 285 (by a time study).

You also get a new set of Infinity Upgrades to buy, as well as a new set of Challenges to complete for more bonuses. Infinity Dimensions are now unlockable once you reach certain amounts of antimatter as well.

What's next? Edit

Keep Crunching for more and more IP and unlock Replicanti once you get 1e140 IP. This will let you eventually reach Eternity.