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Challenges are unlocked upon reaching Infinity. A challenge requires reaching infinity with special conditions. They will provide an autobuyer upon completion.


Public ID Description Details Reward Internal ID
1 Reach infinity for the first time. Automatically awarded on Infinity. First Dimension Autobuyer 1
2 Buying anything halts your production, gradually coming back over 3 minutes. Increases all dim power linearly until it gets to 100% at 3 minutes Second Dimension Autobuyer 2
3 First dimension is heavily weakened but gets an exponentially increasing bonus that resets on reset. 1st dims are 100x weaker, but increase by 1.00038^10 times per second. Third Dimension Autobuyer 3
4 Buying a dimension automatically erases all lower tier dimensions, like a sacrifice without the boost. Fourth Dimension Autobuyer 8
5 Tickspeed starts at 7%. See Ticks Fifth Dimension Autobuyer 6
6 Each dimension costs the dimension 2 before it, with modified prices Base prices: 10/100/100/500/2500/2e4/2e5/4e6

Price increases: 1000/5000/10000/12000/18000/26000/32000/42000

Sixth Dimension Autobuyer 10
7 Multiplier per 10 dimensions is random from 0.30 and 10 ((10/0.3)^r)*0.3 (r is random num 0~1), x1.1 from inf upgrade Seventh Dimension Autobuyer 9
8 Dimension Boost and galaxies are useless, sacrifice resets everything but is immensely more powerful See Dimensional Sacrifice Eighth Dimension Autobuyer 11
9 Whenever you buy 10 of a dimension or tickspeed, everything else of equal cost will increase to its next cost step. (when you buy enough of a dimension to get its power step; cost comparisons use single buy cost) Tickspeed Autobuyer 5
10 There are only 6 dimensions, with dimension boost and antimatter galaxy costs modified. See Dimension Shift and Boost and Antimatter Galaxy Dimension Boost Autobuyer 4
11 There's normal matter which rises. If it exceeds your antimatter, it will dimension boost without giving the bonus. Acts as if you pressed the "lose a reset" button. Matter increases at a (1.03 + player.resets/200 + player.galaxies/100)^10x rate per second. Galaxy Autobuyer 12
12 Each dimension produces the dimension 2 below it; first dimensions produce reduced antimatter. 2nd dimensions have ^1.7 power and ^1.5 "amount" affect on production

4th dimensions have ^1.4 power and ^1.3 "amount" affect on production

Big Crunch Autobuyer 7

Infinity Challenges

There are also Infinity Challenges, which unlock much later. They have an end point past Infinity, and provide powerful rewards.

Number Unlock Req. End Point Description Reward Details
1 1e2000 1e850 All previous challenges (except tickspeed challenge and automatic big crunch challenge) at once 1.3x on all Infinity Dimensions for each Infinity Challenge completed multiplicative reward
2 1e5000 1e10500 Automatically sacrifice every 8 ticks once you have 8th Dimension. Sacrifice autobuyer and more powerful sacrifice See Autobuyers and Dimensional Sacrifice
3 1e12000 1e5000 Tickspeed interval decrease is always at 0%, but every tickspeed purchase you get a static multiplier on all dimensions (increases with galaxies). Static multiplier on each tickspeed purchase (both) 1.05+galaxies/200 per tickspeed purchase
4 1e14000 1e13000 Only latest bought dimension production is normal, all other dimensions produce less. All normal dimension multipliers become multiplier^1.05 Penalty is ^0.25 to dim power.
5 1e18000 1e11111 When buying dimensions 1-4, everything with costs smaller or equal increases. When buying dimensions 5-8, everything with costs bigger or equal increases. When buying tickspeed, everything with the same cost increases. Galaxies are 10% more powerful and reduce the requirements for them and dimensional boosts by 1 Cost comparisons use the exponent value and ignore the mantissa.
6 1e20000 2e22222 There's an exponentially rising matter that divides the multiplier on all of your dimensions. Tickspeed affects Infinity Dimensions with reduced effect Matter rises the same way as c11, tickspeed boost is /(tickspeed/1000)^0.0005
7 1e23000 1e10000 You can't get antimatter Galaxies, but dimensional boost multiplier 2.5x -> 10x Dimensional boost multiplier 2.5x -> 4x
8 1e28000 1e27000 Your production is at 100% after purchasing anything, after that it rapidly drops down. You get a multiplier to dimensions 2-7 based on 1st and 8th dimension multipliers. Receive a 0.000000046416^10 penalty per second. This penalty is computed before production in an individual tick. The reward is (1st dim mult * 8th dim mult)^0.02.

Eternity Challenges

Like Infinity Challenges, there's Eternity Challenges which the goal is to reach amount of IPs then Eternity instead but requires different each and cost Time Theorems. For the first five times you complete each challenge, the requirement and goal rises up and the reward will be more powerful.

There is a bug that let you start 6th time, but however when you completed it, nothing would be rewarded and challenge completed amount will be the same.

n in the reward and requirement is the amount of times completed, up to 5.

You will receive the reward for clearing upon first clear.

Number Unlock Requirement Cost (TT) End Point Base End Point Increase Description Reward Details
1 25000n eternities 30 1e1800 1e200 Time Dimensions are disabled. Multiplier for all Time Dimensions (based on time spent this Eternity) Time spent in eternity (s)0.3+(n*0.05)
2 1300+150n

Tickspeed upgrades gained from time dimensions

35 1e975 1e175 Infinity Dimensions are disabled. Infinity power affects Infinity Dimensions with reduced effect, Currently: ()x max(1,min(1e100,(infinity power)1.5/(700-(n*100))))
3 17300+1250n 8th dimensions 40 1e600 1e75 Dimensions 5-8 don't produce anything. Increase the multiplier for buying 10 dimensions, Currently: ()x Adds 0.8n to previous mult. See [] for more details.
4 1e8+5e7n infinities 70 1e2750 1e550 All infinitied stat multipliers and generators are disabled.

You must complete the challenge in 16-4n infinities or less.

Infinity Dimension multiplier from unspent IP, Currently: ()x min(1e200,IP0.003+0.002n)
5 160+14n galaxies 130 1e750 1e400 Galaxy cost increase scaling starts instantly (Normally at 100 galaxies). Dimension boost costs scaling is massively increased. Galaxy cost scaling starts () galaxies later. 5n
6 40+5n replicanti galaxies 85 1e850 1e250 You can't gain galaxies normally, but the cost of upgrading your max replicanti galaxies is massively reduced. Further reduction dimension cost multiplier increase, Currently: ()x 3-0.2n
7 1e500000*1e300000^n 115 1e2000 1e530 First Time Dimension produces Eighth Infinity Dimension, and First Infinity Dimension produces Seventh Dimensions. Tickspeed affects all dimensions normally. First Time dimension produces Eighth Infinity Dimensions, Currently: () per second. (time shard production/s)0.2n-1
8 1e4000*1e1000^n IP 115 1e1300 1e900 You can only upgrade Infinity Dimensions 50 times, and Replicanti upgrades 40 times. Infinity power powers up replicanti galaxies, Currently: ()x (log10((infinity power)+1)+1)0.03n-1*100
9 1e17500*1e2000^n infinity power 415 1e1750 1e250 You can't buy tickspeed upgrades. Infinity power instead multiplies time dimensions with greatly reduced effect. Infinity Dimension multiplier based on time shards, Currently: ()x Challenge: log2(infinity power)4

Reward: min(1e400,(time shards)0.1n)

10 1e100*1e20^n EP 550 1e3000 1e300 Time Dimensions and Infinity Dimensions are disabled, You gain an immense boost from infinitied stat to normal dimensions (infinitied^1000) Currently: ()x Reward: Time dimensions gain a multiplier from infinitied stat, Currently: ()x Challenge bonus is affected by study 31. Reward is not.