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They are grouped in a single page, since Boosting directly follows Shifting. The hotkey for both is D.

Dimension ShiftEdit

This resets your run, but unlocks a new dimension for the next run. Each one requires 20 (base) of your highest unlocked dimension. You are able to Shift 4 times per Big Crunch .

Dimension BoostEdit

Resets your run just like a Shift, but doesn't unlock a new dimension (there aren't more to unlock at that point). Each Boost requires the following amount of 8th dimensions:

20 + ((# of Boosts) * 15)

Even if you have enough 8th dimensions to get to the Boost after the one you're on, you will only gain one Boost, until you get the relevant Eternity Milestone.

In challenge 10, you unlock Dimension Boosts after just two shifts and they cost 6th dimensions instead:

20 + ((# of Boosts) * 20)


Each of those gives a x2 multiplier to a set amount of dimensions. First Shift doubles only the 1st dimension, second Shift doubles again the 1st dimension and doubles the 2nd, third Shift also doubles the 3rd dimensions, fourth Shift adds the 4th dimension, then first Boost doubles all of those and the 5th dimensions, all the way up to the fourth Boost and every Boost after that, they double every dimension.

There are ways to increase the multiplier above x2. Dimension Boosts are entirely negated in challenge 8.