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Dimensional Sacrifice resets your dimensions 1 through 7[1] back to 0[2]. Their multipliers and costs don't change[3]. In return, the 8th dimension's multiplier gets boosted by the amount shown in the tooltip.

The checkbox just beside the Sacrifice button allows to perform Sacrifices without a confirmation. Otherwise, a pop-up appears to validate the Sacrifice. The hotkey is S.

An autobuyer for sacrifice is unlocked after completing Infinity Challenge 2.

  1. In Challenge 12, only 6 dimensions get reset.
  2. After getting the IT'S OVER 9000 achievement, this effect is no longer applied.
  3. In Challenge 8, your dimensions DO lose their multipliers and costs.

Boost FormulaEdit


n is the total amount of 1st dimensions sacrificed.


m is 2 at base and increases by 0.2 with each of the "The Gods are pleased" and "Gift from the Gods" achievements.

In challenge 8Edit

m^0.05 / n^0.04 * j

m, this time, is the current amount of 1st dimensions, and j is the previous Sacrifice multiplier.

Your total sacrifice multiplier for any boosts other than the initial 8th dimension boost, including study 234, is just


After Infinity Challenge 2Edit


where m is:

Condition (Take the top that applies) m
Time study 228 0.013
Yet another infinity reference achievement 0.011
None of the above 0.01