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Dimensional Sacrifice resets your dimensions 1 through 7[1] back at 0. Their multipliers and costs don't change[2]. In return, the 8th dimension's multiplier gets boosted by the amount shown in the tooltip.

The checkbox just beside the Sacrifice button allows to perform Sacrifices without a confirmation. Otherwise, a pop-up appears to validate the Sacrifice. The hotkey is S.

  1. In Challenge 12, only 6 dimensions get reset.
  2. In Challenge 8, your dimensions DO lose their multipliers and costs.

Boost FormulaEdit


n is the total amount of 1st dimensions sacrificed.


m depends on your achievements :

With "The Gods are pleased" 2.2
With "Gift from the Gods" 2.5
With none of the above 2

In challenge 8Edit

m^0.05 / n^0.04 * j

m, this time, is the current amount of 1st dimensions, and j is the previous Sacrifice multiplier.

After Infinity Challenge 2Edit


m is either 0.01, or 0.011 with the "Yet another infinity reference" achievement.