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Dimensions are your production units in game. The first Dimension produces your Antimatter. Each consecutive dimension produces the previous one, allowing you to have steady growth. There are eight dimensions total. 

General infoEdit

Dimensions MultiplierEdit

Beside the dimension there is a multiplier (example: First Dimension x1.0). The base production of each dimension is multiplied by this number. This multiplier increases by 2x(Base) for every 10 of that dimension purchased. Each time this occurs, the price of the dimension will increase. 

Accumulated Dimensions QuantityEdit

The next column is your current amount of that dimension you own. This is a combination of how many you have purchased with antimatter, as well as produced from the higher dimension. 

Purchased Dimensions QuantityEdit

Next to each accumulated quantity of owned dimensions, the amount of that dimension purchased toward the next multiplier upgrade is displayed in brackets. If you have (4) next to your accumulated dimension quaintly, you will need 6 more of that dimension for the next multiplier increase. 

Dimension Growth PercentageEdit

This number represents the amount of growth that dimensions experiences per second. +100%, for example, means the dimension amount is doubling each second. This allows you to judge overall growth.

Cost and "Until 10"Edit

You can buy a single quantity of each dimension with antimatter when the cost button is highlighted. Alternatively, if the Until 10 buttons is highlighted, you can buy whatever quantity gets you to that dimension's next dimension multiplier. 


Keys 1-8 does the same job as clicking on "Until 10" for the dimension, M performs a "Max all".

Max allEdit

Max all will buy max tickspeed (see Ticks ), then will buy until 10 of 8th dimension until it can't anymore, then 7th, and so on. 


Normal DimensionsEdit

Dim # Price (in antimatter) Price increase (multiplier per 10)
1 10 1000
2 100 10000
3 10000 1e5
4 1e6 1e6
5 1e9 1e8
6 1e13 1e10
7 1e18 1e12
8 1e24 1e15

After a purchase exceeds 1.8e308 in cost, the price multiplier will be multiplied by 10 for each purchase. This multiplier can be reduced with an Infinity Upgrade, then further with an Eternity Challenge.