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After eternitying enough times, you will unlock autobuyers and retain some things on infinity.

The ones that keep an item on eternity are kept on the eternity you obtain the milestone.



1 Unlock IP multiplier autobuyer
2 You keep your autobuyers on Eternity
3 Unlock replicanti galaxy autobuyer
4 You keep your infinity upgrades on Eternity
5 Unlock more big crunch autobuyer options.
7 You complete Infinity Challenges as soon as you unlock them (you get sacrifice autobuyer immediately)
9 Unlock autobuy max galaxies
10 Unlock autobuy max Dimensional Boosts
11 Unlock autobuyer for First Infinity Dimension
12 Unlock autobuyer for Second Infinity Dimension
13 Unlock autobuyer for Third Infinity Dimension
14 Unlock autobuyer for Fourth Infinity Dimension
15 Unlock autobuyer for Fifth Infinity Dimension
16 Unlock autobuyer for Sixth Infinity Dimension
17 Unlock autobuyer for Seventh Infinity Dimension
18 Unlock autobuyer for Eighth Infinity Dimension
20 You keep your Breaking infinity upgrades on Eternity
25 You automatically unlock Infinity Dimensions upon reaching them
30 Start with all normal dimensions available for purchase
40 Unlock autobuyer for replicanti chance upgrade
50 You start with replicanti unlocked
60 Unlock autobuyer for replicanti interval upgrade
80 Unlock autobuyer for replicanti galaxy upgrade
100 Unlock autobuyer for Eternities