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Upon reaching Eternity, you will unlock some upgrades boosting Infinity Dimensions and Time Dimensions. These cost EP to buy, earned from doing eternities.
Effect Cost (EP) Details
Infinity Dimensions multiplier equal to unspent EP. 5 (EP+1)
You gain Infinity Dimension multiplier based on eternities (x^log4(2x)) 10 (This has a soft cap at 100,000 eternities.)


where A = # of Eternities (max 100,000)

and B = # of Eternities - 100,000

In other words:

Below 100,000 eternities: (A/200+1)log4(2*A+1)

Above 100,000 eternities: [(1252/2)log4(200001)

4.201e24] * (B/200+1)*log4(2B+1)

Infinity Dimensions multiplier based on sum of Infinity Challenge times 50000 230/max(i,0.61)

where i = the sum of your Infinity Challenge times in seconds

Cap: 6.379e14x

Your achievement bonus affects Time Dimensions 1e16 Bonus multiplier seen in achievements
Time Dimensions are multiplied by your unspent time theorems 1e40 min 1
Time Dimensions are multiplied by days played 1e50 not rounded

x5 EP Multiplier Edit

Unlike the IP Multipliers, you can buy EP multipliers without buying all 6 upgrades. It has a base cost of 500 EP and the price increases depending on the price of the upgrade. Once the price of the upgrade reaches a certain value, the price will be recalculated with the new price multiplier, increasing the price with each new recalculation.

Price End Increase Starts after Starting Price
1e100 EP x50 0 purchases 500 EP
1.79e308 EP x100 58 purchases 5e118 EP
1e1300 EP x500 153 purchases 4.38e415 EP
- x1000 481 purchases 1e1446 EP