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Upon reaching Eternity, you will unlock some upgrades boosting Infinity Dimensions. These cost EP to buy.

Effect Cost (EP) Details
Infinity Dimensions multiplier equal to unspent EP to the power of 5. 5 (EP+1)3
You gain Infinity Dimension multiplier based on eternities (x^log4(2x)) 10 (min(e,125000)/300+1)log4(min(e,125000)*2+1)*max(((e-125000)/300+1)*log4((e-125000)*2+1),1)

where e = # of Eternities

Infinity Dimensions multiplier based on sum of Infinity Challenge times 50000 230/max(i,0.61)

where i = the sum of your Infinity Challenge times in seconds

Your achievement bonus affects Time Dimensions 1e18
Time Dimensions are multiplied by your unspent time theorems 1e40 min 1
Time Dimensions are multiplied by days played 1e50 not rounded