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Upon reaching Eternity, you will unlock some upgrades boosting Infinity Dimensions. These cost EP to buy.
Effect Cost (EP) Details
Infinity Dimensions multiplier equal to unspent EP. 5 (EP+1)
You gain Infinity Dimension multiplier based on eternities (x^log4(2x)) 10 (This has a soft cap at 125,000 eternities.)


where A = # of Eternities (max 125,000)

and B = # of Eternities - 125,000

In other words:

Below 125,000 eternities: (A/300+1)log4(2*A+1)

Above 125,000 eternities: [(1253/3)log4(250001) ≈ 3.146e23] * (B/300+1)*log4(2B+1)

Infinity Dimensions multiplier based on sum of Infinity Challenge times 50000 230/max(i,0.61)

where i = the sum of your Infinity Challenge times in seconds

Cap: 6.379e14x

Your achievement bonus affects Time Dimensions 1e16
Time Dimensions are multiplied by your unspent time theorems 1e40 min 1
Time Dimensions are multiplied by days played 1e50 not rounded

x5 EP Multiplier Edit

Unlike the IP Multipliers, you can buy EP multipliers without buying all 6 upgrades. It has a base cost of 500 EP and the price increases depending on the price of the upgrade. Once the price of the upgrade reaches a certain value, the price will be recalculated with the new price multiplier.

Price End Increase Starts after Starting Price
1e100 EP x50 0 purchases 500 EP
1.79e308 EP x100 58 purchases 5e118 EP
1e1300 EP x500 153 purchases 4.38e415 EP
- x1000 481 purchases 1e1446 EP