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Upon reaching Infinity, you will unlock some upgrades.

Pre-break Edit

ID Pre-resiquites Description Details Cost
timeMult - Normal dimensions gain a multiplier based on time played

Currently: ()x

(time played (mins)/4)0.15 1
18Mult timeMult First and Eighth Dimensions gain a multiplier based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5)[1] 1
36Mult 18Mult Third and Sixth Dimensions gain a multiplier based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5)[1] 1
resetBoost 36Mult Decrease the number of Dimensions needed for Dimensional Boosts and galaxies by 9 Affects both dimboost and galaxy 1
dimMult - Increase the multiplier for buying 10 Dimensions

2x -> 2.2x

27Mult dimMult Second and Seventh Dimensions gain a multiplier based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5)[1] 1
45Mult 27Mult Fourth and Fifth Dimensions gain a multiplier based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5)[1] 1
galaxyBoost 45Mult Antimatter Galaxies are twice as effective See Ticks 2
timeMult2 - Normal dimensions gain a multiplier based on time spent in current infinity

Currently: ()x

max((time this inf (mins)/2)0.25,1) 3
unspentBonus timeMult2 Multiplier for unspent Infinity Points on 1st Dimension

(Currently ()x)

1+(IP/2)1.5 5
resetMult unspentBonus Increase Dimension Boost multiplier

2x -> 2.5x

passiveGen resetMult Infinity Point generation (based on fastest infinity)

(Currently (a) every (b))

a = amount gained per crunch (no break)

b = fastest inf*10

skipReset1 - You start with the 5th dimension unlocked 1 soft reset on gal/inf[2] 20
skipReset2 skipReset1 You start with the 6th dimension unlocked 2 soft resets on gal/inf[2] 40
skipReset3 skipReset2 You start with the 7th dimension unlocked 3 soft resets on gal/inf[2] 80
skipResetGalaxy skipReset3 You start with the 8th dimension unlocked, and a Galaxy 4 soft resets on gal/inf; 1 galaxy on inf[2] 500

These upgrades reset on eternity, until you reach 4 eternities.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 This is affected by study 31.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 When not in challenge

x2 IP Multiplier Edit

Once you have the above 16 upgrades, you unlock the x2 IP multiplier. It has a base cost of 10 and gets x10 every upgrade.

You unlock its autobuyer at 1 eternity.

If the autobuyer bulk buys this upgrade, you will only be deducted IP for the most expensive one.

Post-break Edit

You unlock more upgrades once you break infinity. These have no pre-resiquites.

ID Description Details Cost
totalMult Power up all dimensions based on total antimatter produced

Currently: ()x

floor(log(total antimatter)+1)0.5 1e4
currentMult Power up all dimensions based on current antimatter

Currently: ()x

floor(log(antimatter)+1)0.5 5e4
infinitiedMult Power up all dimensions based on amount infinitied

Currently: ()x

1+log(infinitied+1)*10[1] 1e5
achievementMult Power up all dimensions based on achievements completed

Currently: ()x

(achs-30)3/40 1e6
challengeMult Increase the production of all dimensions based on slowest challenge run

Currently: ()x

3000/max(worst time (s), 0.1) 1e7
infinitiedGeneration You passively generate Infinitied stat based on your fastest infinity.

1 Infinity every ()

fastest inf * 5 2e7
bulkBoost Option to bulk buy Dimension Boosts See Autobuyers#Dimension_Boost 5e9
postGalaxy Makes galaxies 50% stronger See Ticks 5e11
autoBuyerUpgrade Autobuyers work twice as fast See Autobuyers 1e15

Repeatables Edit

Description[2] Base Amount Effect Max Amount Base Price Price increase
Tickspeed cost multiplier increase

(now)x -> (after)x

10 -1 2 3e6 5
Generates (now)% > (after)% of your best IP/min from last 10 infinities, works offline 0 5 50 1e7 10
Dimension cost multiplier increase

(now)x -> (after)x

10 -1 3 1e8 5000
  1. This is affected by study 31.
  2. Upon reaching the max amount, it will simply display the max amount instead of both the current and the next amounts.