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Upon reaching Infinity, you will unlock some upgrades.

Pre-break Edit

ID Pre-resiquites Description Details Cost
timeMult - Production increase over time

Currently: ()x

(time played (mins)/4)0.15 1
18Mult timeMult First and Eighth Dimension power based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5) 1
36Mult 18Mult Third and Sixth Dimension power based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5) 1
resetBoost 36Mult Decrease the number of Dimensions needed for reset by 9 Affects both dimboost and galaxy 1
dimMult - Multiplier for 10 Dimensions

2x -> 2.2x

27Mult dimMult Second and Seventh Dimension power based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5) 1
45Mult 27Mult Fourth and Fifth Dimension power based on infinitied stat


1 + (infinitied/5) 1
galaxyBoost 45Mult Antimatter Galaxies are twice as effective See Ticks 2
timeMult2 - Production increase over time in current infinity

Currently: ()x

(time this inf (mins)/2)0.25 3
unspentBonus timeMult2 Bonus for unspent Infinity Points on 1st Dimension

(Currently ()x)

1+(IP/2)1.5 5
resetMult unspentBonus Dimension Boost power

2x -> 2.5x

passiveGen resetMult Infinity Point generation (based on fastest infinity)

(Currently (a) every (b))

a = amount gained per crunch (no break)

b = fastest inf*10

skipReset1 - You start with 5th dimension 1 soft reset on gal/inf[1] 20
skipReset2 skipReset1 You start with 6th dimension 2 soft resets on gal/inf[1] 40
skipReset3 skipReset2 You start with 7th dimension 3 soft resets on gal/inf[1] 80
skipResetGalaxy skipReset3 You start with 8th dimension and a Galaxy 4 soft resets on gal/inf; 1 galaxy on inf[1] 500

These upgrades reset on eternity, until you reach 4 eternities.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 When not in challenge

x2 IP Multiplier Edit

Once you have the above 16 upgrades, you unlock the x2 IP multiplier. It has a base cost of 10 and gets x10 every upgrade.

You unlock its autobuyer at 1 eternity.

If the autobuyer bulk buys this upgrade, you will only be deducted IP for the most expensive one.

Post-break Edit

You unlock more upgrades once you break infinity. These have no pre-resiquites.

ID Description Details Cost
totalMult Power up all dimensions based on total antimatter produced

Currently: ()x

floor(log(total antimatter)+1)0.5 1e4
currentMult Power up all dimensions based on current antimatter

Currently: ()x

floor(log(antimatter)+1)0.5 5e4
infinitiedMult Power up all dimensions based on amount infinitied

Currently: ()x

1+log(infinitied+1)*10 1e5
achievementMult Power up all dimensions based on achievements completed

Currently: ()x

(achs-30)3/40 1e6
challengeMult Increase the production of all dimensions based on slowest challenge run

Currently: ()x

3000/max(worst time (s), 0.1) 1e7
infinitiedGeneration You passively generate Infinitied stat based on your fastest infinity.

1 Infinity every ()

fastest inf * 5 2e7
bulkBoost Option to bulk buy Dimension Boosts See Autobuyers#Dimension_Boost 5e9
postGalaxy Makes galaxies 50% stronger See Ticks 5e11
autoBuyerUpgrade Autobuyers work twice as fast See Autobuyers 1e15

Repeatables Edit

Description[1] Base Amount Effect Max Amount Base Price Price increase
Tickspeed cost multiplier increase

(now)x -> (after)x

10 -1 2 3e6 5
Generates (now)% > (after)% of your best IP/min from last 10 infinities, works offline 0 5 50 1e7 10
Dimension cost multiplier increase

(now)x -> (after)x

10 -1 3 1e8 5000
  1. Upon reaching the max amount, it will simply display the max amount instead of both the current and the next amounts.