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  • AD: Antimatter Dimensions, the game you are playing (or reading about), and you are specifically reading about the game's terms.
  • AM: Antimatter, the basic (and obviously important) currency of the game. Not to be confused with matter, which doesn't actually matter (unless you happen to be in Challenge 11/IC1).
  • D#: Dimension# (sometimes arranged as #D instead)
  • Soft Reset/Prestige: Anything that resets all previous progress (except achievements... and Challenge times...) to gain a higher reward, including Shift/Boost/Galaxy/Infinity/Eternity
  • Shift: Dimensional Shift
  • Boost: Dimensional Boost
  • Sac: Dimensional Sacrifice
  • Galaxy: Antimatter Galaxy
  • g#: Galaxy # (an Infinity that reaches the #th galaxy, as can be seen under Statistics tab)
  • Infinity (noun): The largest number that can be held in a Javascript Number (also known as a double floating point number), approximately equal to 1.79e308 or 179UCe. At the start of the game, getting more than Infinity Antimatter will force you to Big Crunch.
  • Big Crunch/Crunch/Infinity (verb): The act of clicking the Big Crunch button, resetting all lower soft resets to gain Infinity Points
  • pre-Infinity (noun): The part of the game before you've clicked Big Crunch once
  • Infinity # (noun): The part of the game after you've clicked Big Crunch # times. Infinity 0 is the same thing as pre-Infinity
  • Infinitied Stat: As seen on Statistics. At first this is how many times you've Infinitied, but some upgrades and achievements increase this number even further. Some upgrades use this to boost production. Sometimes shortened to "Infinitied".
  • OoM: Order(s) of Magnitude. One order of magnitude = 10x the previous amount. Used to refer to progression (e.g. I've gained another OoM of Infinity Points)
  • C#: Challenge #
  • Autos: Autobuyers
  • IP: Infinity Points (gained by Big Crunch)
  • IP/min: How much IP was earned each minute on average. Generally refers to the previous infinity.
  • ID#: Infinity Dimension #
  • IC#: Infinity Challenge #
  • RG#: Replicant Galaxy # (a run that has reset infinite Replicanti for a free galaxy # times)
  • Eternity (verb): The act of clicking the Eternity button, resetting all lower soft resets to gain Eternity Points
  • pre-Eternity (noun): The part of the game before you've clicked Eternity once
  • Eternity # (noun): The part of the game after you've clicked Eternity # times. Eternity 0 is the same thing as pre-Eternity
  • EP: Eternity Points (gained by performing an Eternity)
  • EP/min: How much EP was earned in an Eternity per minute that Eternity took
  • EM: Eternity Milestone
  • TT: Time Theorems, used on the Time Studies tree (in Eternity tab)
  • TS#: Time Study, see list for more information, but general numbering is row, column as a continuous number (223 is the 3rd study from the left on the 22nd row (excluding rows with only ICs)
  • TD: Time Dimensions (not to be confused with Time Dilation)
  • EC#: Eternity Challenge #, shown as challenge number.attempt (7.3 is the third level of EC7)
  • TP: Tachyon Particles
  • DT: Dilated Time
  • dil#: Dilated Time Upgrades. # from 1-10 numbered first by row, then column (or it can be row.column in some cases, where 41 would be the bottom-most upgrade)